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bad salad romance

December 29th 2009

I have been tortoise-sitting for my friend Andrew’s pet tortoise Woodward. Through a series of discussions it was decided that we needed to make a music video starring the beast, wherein a hacked Playstation webcam would be used to videograph the world through Woodward’s eyes. Jesse and Olivia and I spent Christmas day on the project. Olivia whipped up an awesome application to capture hi-res video from a USB webcam. Here is a rough cut using the footage that resulted.

bad salad romance from Dylan Stiles on Vimeo.

A picture showing the soundstage/studio:

tortoise cam thumbnail

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December 20th 2009


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. . . . . . .

August 20th 2009


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it wasnt me

January 5th 2008

it wasnt me

This is my first entry into the realm of lolcats. What do you think? I would be pleased as punch if this was promoted to the front page, so please click and vote 5 cheezburgers, spread the word, etc.

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