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driving conjunction

March 28th 2008

Normally you might consider an ambulance in the rear view mirror as something that will slow down your transit from A to B. Yesterday I found myself in an unusual driving situation where the presence of an ambulance actually saved me about 30 seconds of driving time.

cars turning right thumb

It was a rare conjunction at a T intersection, where I wanted to make a right on red, but there was a constant stream of cars turning from the opposite direction blocking me. Suddenly I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw an ambulance coming from behind. The ambulance cut off the stream of cars that were preventing me from turning, effectively setting a pick.

This allowed me to execute my right-hand turn before the stream of cars would have otherwise allowed me to do so, saving ~30 seconds. Exploiting the path cleared by an ambulance is normally illegal (ie: stay 500 feet behind), but in this odd set of circumstances, I was actually distancing myself from the emergency vehicle more by turning as I did.

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March 13th 2008

wikipedia pants

I found a factual inaccuracy in this wikipedia entry for “pants” (or “trousers” if you prefer). It has since been corrected. Looking at the history of this page reveals an extensive amount of pants-related vandalism.

pants vandalism thumb

The desecration is extended to other articles of clothing as well. A quick check at the edit history of “shirt” shows similar activity, although I do have to say that this revision is particularly concise and accurate.

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comically large block of cheese

March 10th 2008

big cheese thumb
On today’s trip to the cheese section at Andronico’s, I stumbled upon this outlandishly huge block of cheddar. I measured it as 11″x14″x6″. There was no tag on the monster to indicate its exact weight, but I took the measurements of one of its smaller neighbors. The littler block of cheese was 3.5″x3.5″x 1.5″ and weighed in at 0.73 pounds -> density(cheese) = 0.04 pounds/in^3. Extrapolating, the monster block should weigh 37 pounds (which felt about right). And at $11.99/pound, that makes it a $443.63 piece of cheese. Yikes.

expensive cheese thumb

This was not the only gargantuan piece of cheese sitting out on the showroom floor. Over next to the beemster there was a huge slab of Parrano, there for the taking at the low low price of $194.27. Andronico’s is kind of like the Maserati dealership for fine cheeses. And for that, I love it.

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