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unusual Potemkin village in East Cambridge

December 17th 2014

Very close to where I work in Cambridge, there is a strange and inexplicable Potemkin village. I have worked in the same building for almost two years and did not notice it until relatively recently.

On the corner of Portland and Main St. there is a building that at first glance does not draw any attention, in retrospect quite deliberately. A few months ago I was walking by and idly ran my fingertips over the “brick” exterior, when I noticed it was covered with a veneer *painted* with windows, doors, etc.

Why the need for this faux exterior I do not understand. I have peered beneath and the true surface of the building is basically just some shabby brickwork; nothing that would obviously explain the desire to masquerade as something else. How strange!

Here is the location on Google maps:

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